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11 Nov 2022

The Home EV Charger That Can Make You Money

Go Zero Ltd
The Home EV Charger That Can Make You Money
Optimus EV -A Charger That Can Make People Money

Go Zero announced the launch of their new Smart EV Charger OPTIMUS. This new EV Charger delivers far more functionality than Chargers at nearly twice its price.

But the Optimus EV Smart Charger has another defining feature – once installed it can be placed on our open and free network of chargers (and when toggled on) it can then generate its owner money directly whilst they remain in full control!

“If you work Monday to Friday 8am to 6pm - then now your EV Home Charger can be booked and make you money directly! And if you are in a rural area you’ll become a charging hero as you it can also support your local EV car community”

David Wells, CEO

“Whilst one charger does generate a wage level income, depending on where you are and the availability of EV chargers around you, we know (from our research) that this is really going to help some homes, especially with the current energy crisis that is going on”

Andy Taylor, COO

Features and benefits of [product/service] include.

  • Elegant Home EV Charger with an App Packed with Features
  • Toggle & Schedule if & when you would like to make money from your EV
  • Nearly half the cost of similar Smart EV Chargers
  • The EV Charger also has Alexa Voice Controls


The Optimus EV has just launched and whilst it usually costs £799, however right now it is on offer with an immediate £50 off (on signup). View the new Go Zero Charger here: Optimus EV Smart Charger


Go Zero is a company focused at a DNA level on sustainability, starting with our fleet of Tesla only chauffeur driven cars supporting businesses travel and 4,500 regular app users a 2 million EV only miles driven at the most competitive prices around that won them not only 5 stars (Excellent) on Trustpilot but contracts with Tag Aviation, DC World and even Tesla whilst facing off with Uber and Addison Lee.


Go Zero may be small, but it is their attention to customer experience that makes them excel, to go the extra mile as many might say – but really its about removing stress, and if you think arranging business travel can be stressful the data is extremely revealing when it comes to getting a home EV charger installed.


For starters, where do you even start! If this is your first EV car then who knows what is the best Electric Vehicle (EV) Charger is best for you, your needs and of course your budget! We all know that not everybody needs a Ferrari but many don’t want a Renault – but with cars at least you stand a chance of understanding what you are after.


There are many shades of EV chargers surfacing on the market and many of them are actually very good (we know we should not say that – we are the best right?!) Well actually in many ways, we are, you see an EV charger is not just about the box that is the ‘charger’ – it is about:

  • The GZ Charger App and all the functionality that offers
  • The price which is incredible for the tech you are getting Vs the competition
  • The support which has been designed from day one to be the best in class
  • But most of all it is the ease and peace of mind


Peace of mind, for the people who have not had or tried to have an EV home charger installed let us inform you it is painful, it is the 1st, 2nd and 3rd complaint against almost all of our competitors and the reason is simple – they did not control the installation process…

At Go Zero Charge we do. So not only do you get the best in class for mid-range money, you get an installation company that we have vetted and control 100% of our domestic installations – ensuring that everything runs smoothly. An end-to-end service sounds a bit like our chauffeur service, doesn’t it?