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21 Sep 2023

Introducing Jack: Jenesys’ Innovative AI Set to Transform SME Financial Operations at The Business Show 2023

Jenesys AI Stand: B2262
Introducing Jack: Jenesys’ Innovative AI Set to Transform SME Financial Operations at The Business Show 2023
Asking Jack for approval and a visa card to buy a laptop

In a world where financial management can make or break a business, SMEs often navigate the complexities of budgeting, expense approvals, and making payments. Addressing these challenges head-on, Jenesys is proud to launch Jack, a groundbreaking AI solution, at the much-anticipated Business Show 2023. Tailored specifically for businesses with fewer than 250 employees, Jack promises to simplify, streamline, and revolutionise how SMEs handle their finances. Dive into our press release to discover how Jack is set to change the game in SME financial operations.

London, 21st September 2023 – Jenesys is excited to unveil its groundbreaking artificial intelligence solution, Jack, to SME business owners at the upcoming Business Show in November 2023. Designed to streamline financial operations and answer your accounting questions, Jack is poised to become an indispensable tool for UK businesses.

Jack is more than just a financial assistant – it’s a financial sidekick. Available via Slack, Teams, WhatsApp or email, Jack simplifies several critical financial tasks:

  • Seamless Spending Requests: No more paperwork or wait times; everyone has all the information
  • Instant Approvals: Real-time budgets and policy-based approvals
  • Visa Card Issuance: For every approved expense, instantly
  • Global Invoice Reconciliation: Handling supplier invoices and payments
  • Budget Management: Ensuring businesses remain profitable and growing

"We believe that SMEs deserve tools that aren't just scaled-down versions of what bigger corporations use," says Nicolai Thomson, CEO of Jenesys. "Jack is specifically designed for SMEs' unique challenges and opportunities. At this exhibition, we're thrilled to show business owners how Jack can revolutionise their financial processes to save money and answer their accounting questions in minutes,  24/7."

Attendees of The Business Show are invited to visit the Jenesys stand to witness firsthand how Jack operates and understand its tangible benefits. The team will be on-site to answer questions, offer demonstrations, and explain the vision behind this innovation.

Don’t miss out on experiencing the future of SME financial management. Jack is more than just a tool – it’s a game-changer. Remember the name, and stop by the Jenesys booth in the Future of Work zone at The Business Show 2023.

About Jenesys: Jenesys is a forward-thinking AI tech company dedicated to ending payment term bottlenecks and digitally transforming financial operations for suppliers with Private AI.

Press Contact:

Nicolai Thomson,, +44 7931 863381