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12 Feb 2024

The Oxford Review officially endorses SCARED SO WHAT LTD, for their personal change model & app.

The Oxford Review officially endorses SCARED SO WHAT LTD, for their personal change model & app.
Oxford endorses Scared So What

Oxford, UK February 12, 2024 – The Oxford Review announced today that the organization has officially endorsed SCARED SO WHAT Ltd for their bespoke personal change model named SCARED SO WHAT along with the enabling app tools.

Dr. David Wilkinson, Author and Chief Editor of the Oxford Review said, “Having seen the development of the SCARED SO WHAT model and methodology over the last few years, I can confirm that this is a unique, practical, and evidence-based personal change management model and set of tools which empowers individuals to navigate personal change effectively. SCARED SO WHAT is applicable and recommended for anyone struggling with change and is a powerful tool in any coaches’ tool kit.”

The founder of SCARED SO WHAT Ltd. shared “It’s an honor to receive the endorsement from the Oxford Review for our work in creating, testing, and validating the SCARED SO WHAT methodology. I’ve been a member now for a several years and have had the opportunity to share my master’s and doctoral research with Dr. Wilkinson and the team to engage in their collective reviews and input. To have their full support and endorsement sets the tone that we are embarking on the right pathway forward with a methodology born out of research, practice, and have demonstrated necessary evidence and proof of concept,” said Dr. Grant Van Ulbrich.

SCARED SO WHAT® is a pioneering bespoke personal change model designed to help individuals and organizations focus on the effects and management of personal change for themselves and others. “The model is the first that focuses directly on the individual’s ability to accept and or reject change. It is fluid and not linear nor prescriptive as in prior change models. It has the power to support not only individuals and organizations in making overall change successful; but also, has been proven to support a greater buyer experience and buyer satisfaction aligning sales motion with the customer experience effectively. 

SCARED SO WHAT Ltd & C.I.C. is a UK, London based global consultancy pioneering the way for personal change within change management, executive & leadership coaching in supporting individuals, and organizations to foster inclusive change and transformation success. They feature the SCARED SO WHAT APP and the SSW Certified Instructor program and are authors of the new book Transforming Sales Management, Lead Sales Teams Through Change, as published by Kogan Page Ltd. Dr. Van Ulbrich is also a keynote and a TEDx Speaker whose TEDx talk has surpassed 1 million views. He is also a certified transformation coach. For more information on the model, the program and offering as well as the certified instructors, please visit 

THE OXFORD REVIEW has been operating since January 2016 and has made 1000’s of professionals more knowledgeable and given them the evidence to make quite stunning changes in their organisations and practice. The OR is lead by Dr David Wilkinson as the Chief Editor and supported by Kafilat Olanrewaju within member support. Not only are leaders and managers using The Oxford Review but heads of Human Resources, Organisational Development, Learning and Development, consultants and coaches have and are finding it an indispensable resource in their day-to-day work. For more information, please visit

Dr. David Wilkinson is the Editor in Chief of The Oxford Review.