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30 May 2024

SCARED SO WHAT LTD Revolutionizes Change Management in the Digital Age

SCARED SO WHAT LTD Revolutionizes Change Management in the Digital Age
Scared So What with Dr. Grant Van Ulbrich

In a groundbreaking development for the nearly century-old Organizational Change Management industry, Dr. Grant Van Ulbrich, Founder of Scared So What Ltd and the Scared So What Research for Change C.I.C. in London, has ushered the field into the technology and digital age. With the official launch of the second-generation SCARED SO WHAT PRO app and organizational change management system, the industry stands on the brink of a significant transformation. 

Dr. Van Ulbrich's first-generation app demonstrated the viability and global demand for a digital approach to personal change management. "Our initial app successfully showed that teaching individuals to manage personal change digitally was not only feasible but also highly desired worldwide," he stated.

The newly launched SCARED SO WHAT PRO app takes this concept further, providing organizations with real-time insights into their change culture through anonymized data. "No more waiting for post-change surveys; organizations can now see change happening live," Dr. Van Ulbrich explained. This system involves employees directly in the change management process, teaching them to manage personal change and participate actively.

The app, available on iOS, Android, and as a web-based version, equips individuals with tools to understand personal change. Users can engage in an interactive self-assessments to process their feelings about change, make informed decisions, and create personalized action plans. "This approach allows people to make informed decisions rather than assumptive ones," Dr. Van Ulbrich added.

A standout feature of the Scared So What PRO system is its fully integrated Account Management System (AMS), offering organizations unprecedented access to data and insights. This innovation addresses the common issue of survey fatigue and the loss of trust due to delayed feedback from traditional post-change workshops and surveys. "With our AMS, organizations can see real-time data as their members use the application, making it a true game-changer," noted Dr. Van Ulbrich.

When asked what sets Scared So What apart from other organizational change companies, Dr. Van Ulbrich emphasized the unique focus on the individual. "We respect the pioneers and existing organizational change models designed to manage change across organizations. However, many change initiatives fail due to a lack of individual inclusion. Our model and technology focus on 'inclusive organizational change' by concentrating on the individual first. Once a person processes change and formulates an action plan, organizational models can be more effectively utilized. We aren't competing; we're bridging the gap towards change success," he said.

Scared So What has received accreditation from The Institute of Training and Occupational Learning, CPD UK, and endorsement from The Oxford Review. Dr. Van Ulbrich, a TEDx speaker with over 1.3 million views, an author, and a certified transformation coach, continues to pioneer inclusive digital change management. His work represents a significant leap forward in how organizations and individuals navigate change in today's fast-paced, technology-driven world.

As the Organizational Change Management industry steps into the digital age, the innovations by Dr. Van Ulbrich and Scared So What Ltd stand as a testament to the evolving landscape of change management, promising a more inclusive and effective approach for the future.

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