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29 Sep 2021

The Company That Will Guarantee Customers For Your Business

The Company That Will Guarantee Customers For Your Business
John Attridge, CEO BBX UK.

BBX is the international service exchange site that is revolutionising the way businesses source suppliers and develop their customer base.

The Company that will Guarantee Customers for your Business

BBX is the international service exchange site that is revolutionising the way businesses source suppliers and develop their customer base.

A unique concept in business development and supply chain sourcing, BBX is a community that enables entrepreneurs worldwide to leverage their spare capacity for new business opportunities. The extra revenue can then be used to purchase other goods and services from the platform lessening the need for spending cash on essential services.

Businesses on BBX trade with one another using BBX Pounds, which they can use to order supplies or services for their business.

BBX offers its members a unique opportunity to monetise their spare capacity, which for their members comes in the form of unsold stock, empty spaces, un-filled diary time or under-utilised staff. In a practical sense, this means that all the profits of the business go straight to the bottom-line, avoiding overheads, infrastructure costs and VAT.

As an international community, BBX encourages their members to operate on a preferred supplier basis, building connections and relationships with other members to help with business development and guarantee sales. BBX hold a national networking event twice a year, which last year saw over 250 attendees. BBX guarantee their members business as a result of these invaluable networking events which leads to an increase in customers, revenue and improved cash flow.

BBX is a fast-growing platform, with April 2018 seeing over £2,000,000 worth of business transacted– an increase on 200% year on year. The growth of the BBX community over the last year is testament to the ease of use of the platform, where each member is allocated a dedicated Account Manager whose responsibility it is to source goods and services and in turn, offset cash expenses.

John Attridge, Founder and CEO of BBX, commented: “Over the past year we have seen a huge increase in the amount of members using BBX, which we believe is due to the increasing need for businesses to offset their overheads and utilise as much of their capacity as possible. We are proud to say that we now have over 90,000 members in more than 14 countries, providing more than 1,300 products and services.”

Businesses wanting to find out more about how much spare capacity they may have, and how to utilise this for free products and services, can use BBX’s Spare Capacity Calculator, available at

Businesses wishing to find out more about the unique offering of BBX can visit their website at

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Notes to Editors:

About BBX

-Established in April 1993, BBX is the largest business community of its type in the world. BBX is a community of likeminded individuals who do business together on a preferred supplier basis to gain more customers, increase revenue and offset cash costs.

-BBX work alongside businesses to guarantee them sales locally, nationally and internationally that translates into effective working relationships.

-Every customer of BBX is monetising their spare capacity, for example, unsold stock, empty spaces or unfilled diary time. That means that all of the profits generated go straight to the bottom-line of the business with no extra overheads or infrastructure costs.

-BBX guarantees sales for every customer as each becomes a preferred supplier to the incredibly active BBX community.

-Every business owner on the platform is provided with an interest-free line of credit and a dedicated Account Manager who is responsible for sourcing their goods and services and offsetting cash expenses.