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10 Jun 2024


StrengthWise Stand: B190

Bringing Out The Individual, Building Up The Team

Ever wonder if your leadership style needs a makeover? Our one-day intensive workshop invites you on a transformative journey in a world where authenticity and collaboration are key.

Who's It For:

This experience is tailored for a select group of 5 to 8 individuals seeking to uncover their authentic leadership style and elevate team dynamics. We also offer a 2-day version of the workshop for groups of 8 to 12 individuals.

  • For Individuals:

Executives, Managers, Project Leaders, Product Managers, and anyone with a strong leadership role.

  • For Teams:

Established teams aiming to enhance cooperation, decision-making and leadership, Boards, project teams, associates, departments, and collectives.

What You'll Gain:

  • For the Individual:

✨ Authentic Leadership Affirmation

Embrace and integrate all facets of your personality to affirm your authentic leadership.

✨ Increased Self-awareness

Gain deeper insights into how you're perceived by others beyond your intentions.

✨ Emotional Intelligence Development

Enhance your ability to collaborate with diverse profiles and facilitate team collaboration.

✨Discovery of Untapped Potential

Identify underutilised or unexplored strengths within yourself.

✨ Concrete Progress and Actionable Plans

Recognise areas for improvement and leave with tangible action plans.

  • For the Team:

✨ Accelerated Team Cooperation

Receive profound feedback from your team, understanding its dynamics, resources, and untapped potentials.

✨ Insight into Relationship Dynamics

Shed light on relational dynamics beyond individual intentions, resolving known or underlying conflicts.

✨ Enhanced Team Cohesion

Strengthen team bonds and invite members to be more authentic, dropping masks for genuine collaboration.

✨ Collective Progress Identification

Identify areas for collective improvement, fostering an environment of trust, empathy, and tolerance.

Why Authentic Leadership Matters:

In an era of increasing demands and environmental changes, the emerging field of Collective Intelligence facilitation is in high demand. Our innovative workshop draws inspiration from Jungian archetypes, constellation work, Mindell's processes, and Eastern philosophy, offering you a unique tool to bring out your unique leadership style and build team cohesion and performance. Be ready to engage in an intense exploration of personal and professional development, gaining self-awareness while enhancing your positive impact on others.

How We Approach It:

You will be invited to immerse yourself in a structured scenario featuring six archetypes—components of our personality—delimited in space: The Builder, The Warrior, The Sage, The Artist, The King/Queen, The Outsider.

Following a specific protocol, participants let facets of themselves and the chosen leader emerge through reactions, behaviours, and immediate sensations. This method is inspired by the works of renowned human specialists, including Jung, Gregory Bateson, Arnold Mindell, and Bert Hellinger.

This transformative experience is onsite, not virtual. Why? Decoding the body language and grasping those non-verbal cues is integral to the magic we create. While you can certainly grasp the kinesics online, there's nothing like the in-person experience for a beginner. Learn in the flesh, master the nuances, and seamlessly apply your knowledge during your future online meetings.