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Transformational Leadership Programme


This is a two part program designed by SCARED SO WHAT Ltd. to support organizational leadership development in a pracademic, work based methodology.
Part one: Is the introduction of the Transformational Leadership program via online and can be completed in under 3 hours to include off line activities. 

Part two: is a 2 day instructor led workshop either face to face or virtual. 

The content is guided around the art and skillsets of becoming a transformational leader, learning about this leadership style vs that of a transactional leader, and how to apply it within your practice. We also focus on the core skillsets and tools to provide critical reflection in developing a reflective practice. This also introduces the importance of leading change to achieve transformation of self and others. 

It includes a deep view on values and beliefs, and then uncovers the principles of coaching and how one can apply the SCARED SO WHAT model as a coaching methodology and practice. This program is born out of the teachings in master's and PHD level academic teachings alongside practical work based research.

Dr. Grant Van Ulbrich completed both the master's and the doctoral program in a global research and pracademic setting to earn his degrees in Leading Sales Transformation.

Part 1: Online course with 5 short assignments. 
Part 2: Workshop - A 2 day facilitator led workshop. Cohort size is 1 to 12 members per cohort ideally. Will customize for organizational needs.

Price: Program starts from £4,000 for the 2day workshop + £150 per person for Online Course and Workbooks

For Enrollment or a Custom Price Quote: EMAIL INFO@SCAREDSOWHAT.COM