Wealth Circle Gold - Mastermind Mentoring

Property Wealth Education Stand: B976

Our 12 Month Mentoring Programme is there for those who are looking to become seasoned property developers focusing on the BRRR strategy. We will give you unmatched support and walk you through the BRRR strategy to help you understand the process in greater depth.

Included in this mentoring programme:

  • Access to all workshops for free
  • Access to Wealth Business School for free
  • Access to Wealth Circle (1-2-1 sessions) for free
  • Access to the Property Wealth Networking events for free
  • Joint venture opportunities
  • Bi-Weekly accountability session
  • 1 hour 1-2-1 session every 2 weeks with Daniel Moses
  • Monthly in person training for 5 hours
  • All our BRRR documents
  • 1 hour training with our BRRR specialist accountant
  • 1 hour training with our BRRR specialist solicitor
  • Visit to our construction sites
  • We will come down to your area to valuate your deal
  • Learn how to raise finance creatively
  • Access to the entire BRRR power team (Builders, Accountants, Solicitors, Brokers, etc)
  • Learn how to create your own economy
  • Invitation to events with High Networth Individuals
  • 5 high quality branding videos and a professional photo shoot to help you stand out from your competitors on social media
  • Training to become a property speaker