X3 Adore

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X3 Adore X3 Adore

The Adore pod would be perfect for home offices, internal office rooms, privacy rooms, meeting rooms bring you just over 4.62m² of space.

The Adore hosts many sought-after features when it comes to a home office. Integrated desk and storage cupboards. Coming equipped with internet connectively, LED lighting, and also a lighting belt, you will feel perfectly at home in our Adore pod.

The Adore pod hosts the ability for power and connectivity which will ensure a constant power supply for all your technology and allow a direct connection to your office network. The iCON Adore will enable you to create a space that provides you with privacy as well as supports communication without disrupting those around you.

The Adore design offers a no base pod solution, along with four-foot castors, it allows the convenience of relocation for the pod.

The Adore has many advantages but a few of them are, in-built ventilation system, eco-friendly, LED lighting, adjusting foot caster for convenience to relocate, double-layered toughened sound-insulated clear glass.