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AFEJA Ltd. Belgrade

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AFEJA Ltd. Belgrade

The company "AFEJA" – a company for business services and consulting, with headquarters in Belgrade, Serbia, whose name comes from the name of the Greek goddess (Greek Ἀφαία, Latin Aphaia) was founded by attorney Ljubiša Živadinović in 2003. Ljubiša Živadinović is also the creator of the “eBerza” portal. After graduating from the Faculty of Law, he specialized in contracts in international trade and earned the title of "Specialist in Contracts in International Trade". He used the acquired knowledge and decades of legal experience to implement it into the structure of the portal, which makes eBerza unique in e-commerce.

The company "AFEJA", as the franchisor with the intention of expanding the business of eBerza as its way of working/business system in countries around the world, is looking for national and/or multinational franchisees.

In accordance with the development plan, we would like to propose business cooperation to companies with the right to exclusively "run" the eBerza portal in the territory defined by the contract by concluding a franchise agreement where Afeja (as the owner of the eBerza portal) is the Franchisor, and the company is the Franchise, or in accordance with the franchise development plan, to find a regional director, to whom the contract would give the right to cover a certain territory by selling franchises in that territory on behalf of the Franchisor.

With these contracts, we form a "unified market system of global dimensions" – for Worldwide trading. The term "unified system" means the totality of cooperation and business relations between independent legal entities located in different countries around the world that are connected by this contract with one Franchisor Afeja, i.e. the eBerza.

The "unified system" of eBerza aims for the user of the eBerza service (seller or buyer) to do business globally, and all Franchisees - members of this system, appear externally as a single entity – as eBerza. is a public e-market. The basic model of eBerza is the so-called "business to business (B2B)". In this model, companies/legal entities are buyers and sellers (manufacturers, wholesalers, distributors, etc.).

eBerza is a place for business cooperation, the discovery of new business opportunities, and a place for information. Regardless of the size of the company, everyone has the opportunity to be present in the market of global dimensions and to overcome regional/local isolation.

The eBerza portal is not a classic electronic trade – but the desire to enable the users of this portal to buy or sell goods or services with a quantity discount – but not only with a one-to-one variant, but to combine several smaller purchase requests into one larger and in this way, enable the seller to realize his interest by granting discounts on larger quantities - and the customers, by combining several smaller purchases, to reach the desired quantities and discounts.

eBerza offers the Seller to reach a larger number of customers faster and easier, i.e. to sell large quantities (inventory) of his goods faster.

Buyers, although they do not know each other and are located in different geographical places, join together "online" with the common goal of buying the desired goods from the lowest price category. Everyone buys the quantity they have chosen. The goods are not paid immediately, but upon reaching the desired price. The buyer chooses according to the offered categories - quantity discount, the price of the goods he is interested in, applies for purchase, indicates the quantity, and selects the option of purchase conditions.

We expect the Franchisee to be motivated to work, full of enthusiasm and ready for continuous learning (about business informatics and e-business, management, marketing, trade and information systems and technologies).

For more information, please contact us via e-mail: or visit our website:


Bulevar oslobodjenja no. 51
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