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The charm of our towns and villages in Europe lies in the millions of independent retailers. To keep small businesses at the heart of our cities, Ankorstore has created an ecosystem that allows shops and independent brands to grow on a global scale.




  • Founded: July 2019

  • Rapidly growing: 200 people (expected 600 end of 2021)

  • 8 offices: France, UK, Germany, Sweden, the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Spain

  • 115 Mio funding in less than 1,5 years

  • 9 000 independent brands on Ankorstore platform

  • 100 000 retailers on Ankorstore platform

  • Present across + 23 countries in Europe 

  • Hiring 300+ people for the next 3 months: Sales Devevelopment Representative, Account Excutive, Brand Development Manager, Marketing Specialit, PR & Partnership Manager, Tech roles, Data/Business Analyst, Sales Project Manager

Independent shops, concept stores, florists, coffee-shops… the retail trade can only compete with the giants of e-commerce and mass distribution if it offers attractive and differentiating products that will win the loyalty of its customers.

Ankorstore is changing the way independent wholesalers do business. 

Independent businesses support local economies, not corporations. They employ an ecosystem of creative people. They value curation and craftsmanship over mass market deals. They do what they can to make it all work, and they do a great job of it. 

With over a decade of experience in online retail, the Ankorstore founding team knew the time to jump in and build a global wholesale business to even the playing field was now. By founding Ankorstore in 2019, they set themselves the goal to create a virtuous ecosystem solely at the service of independent shops and niche brands by revolutionizing the approach to wholesale.


Ankorstore is many things: A marketplace to find inventory, a collection of business and sales tools, an ever growing selection of curated brands, and a thriving community which benefits retailers and brands equally. 

Our Purpose: 

To be a catalyst that drives

the evolution of independent retail. 

Much more than a simple wholesaler, Ankorstore is a global marketplace dedicated exclusively to small businesses and niche brands, equipped with cutting-edge technology and a cutting-edge catalogue where you can filter products per category such as food, home interior, fashion, cosmetics, etc. It is a business community that brings together retailers, brands, financial tools, logistics management and Customer Relationship Management tools.

Our mission 

Promote the development and growth of local and authentic retailers and help European brands expand their customer base. 


Our Vision: 

A world where independent retail businesses and brands thrive and compete on a global scale.


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