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Stand: B1256
  • | Consultancy

Through collaboration and partnership, Aquaintz Consulting aims to be a catalyst for transformative change, enabling organisations to thrive in a world where diversity is not only acknowledged but embraced and leveraged as a strategic advantage.

Equality, Diversity & inclusion sits at the centre of everything we do..

and we truly believe that getting this right is the key to growing your business. Our purpose is to help you to attract, engage, retain and develop a diverse workforce from the top-down. We believe in empowering organisations to drive meaningful change, redefining the way they operate, and fostering an environment that is inclusive and diverse.

We understand that achieving true organisational transformation requires a comprehensive approach. Our team of experts collaborates closely with organisations, diving into their unique challenges and opportunities. We offer tailored solutions that drive real change, ensuring that the fabric of the organisation reflects a commitment to EDI principles.

Our approach to creating Equality, Diversity and Inclusion, is comprehensive. Offering a wide range of services, including consultancy, employee engagement, training development and delivery, leadership coaching, inclusive recruitment, retention and progression strategising, speaking, and facilitation, providing clients with effective solutions for each stage of your inclusive organisational development needs.


United Kingdom
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