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Atmen Powered by Optherium Labs is a British neobank connecting Africa with Europe the United States and the Caribbean for personal and business accounts.

With your Atmen account, you can manage your finances around the world right from your mobile, tablet, or desktop - instantly and efficiently.

The app is built by cybersecurity experts on blockchain in a multi-decentralized private network.

Our customers can spend money 24/7 in 210 countries, in more than 150+ currencies, and pay more than 50 million merchants online and in stores worldwide using contactless virtual and physical Mastercard.

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  • Over the last few months it sourced an unnamed Banking-as-a-Service (BaaS) provider using blockchain technology. This firm is licensed to operate in the UK, EEA, SEPA region and the US. Smith notes: “ ...
  • These foreign exchange fees will make up a big portion of Atmen’s income to start off with, as the start-up is tapping a community that commonly sends money back home to the Caribbean and Africa.  Onc ...
  • Atmen: A breath of fresh air

    The FinTech Post
    Atmen's platform is another first for digital banking solutions. It is the only banking app that has been built by cybersecurity experts to date, utilising a private decentralised blockchain network. ...


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