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B' Empowered A1

B' Empowered A1.."where your success is our motivation"

According to the article, "Glossophobia: Fear of Public Speaking," by Rosemary Black, glossophobia affects up to 75% of the population. Fear that must be abated especially if you are a leader. A leader who listens, interprets, and speaks well can make great strides in motivating others, thus getting the desired results. Being emotionally intelligent and having good communication skills help to make for successful leadership. Qualities that are worthy of investment. Our services seek to inspire you to become an effective communicator and improved leader
In agreement with Steve Job, “Great things in business are never done by one person, they’re done by a team of people.”  Hence it can be said that effective communication is a key skill for leadership and team development, personal and professional development.

My name is Claudia Welsh founder and director with over twenty-four years of experience in leadership and public speaking from various sectors.
B' Empowered A1, provides the following services:

  1. Inspirational Leadership Speaker
  2. Public Speaker Mentor & Coach
  3. Leadership Mentor & Coach

 As an Inspirational Leadership Speaker, speeches are designed to complement the theme as required by your organisation. The speeches, (Keynote and After Dinner), will inspire and empower their audiences while meeting the aims and objectives of delivering the messages intended. This while being professional and being good communicators among other qualities.

B' Empowered A1 also runs practical-based yet engaging public speaking and leadership masterclasses. The masterclasses have the advantage of providing:

  1. Bespoke curriculum that will cater specifically to your teams using the objectives that you have provided. E.g., decision-making,  good customer service, and professionalism.
  2. Confidentiality is practiced at a high level, ensuring that the environment for learning is improved and open
  3. Tools to heighten the group's emotional intelligence, and in so doing, clients can ultimately make better decisions and hence get desired results. For example, personality profiling is done for a better understanding of oneself and others, thus making the best use of team dynamics. That is, improved people management and team development
  4. Practical activities to ensure that learning has occurred and to raise the confidence of the clients to implement what they have learnt


 The main benefits of using the services of B' Empowered A1 are:

  • improving your public speaking skills
  • improving your effective communication
  • having improved leadership skills
  • being better at teamwork and team development

Topics Generally Covered
B' Empowered A1 also runs highly practical-based masterclasses. Some of the topics covered are Leadership through Speaking, Good Governance, Team Development, Effective Communication, Decision Making, Valuable Customer Service, Managing Conflicts, Emotional Intelligence, Personality Profiling & the Team, The Art of Delegation, Active Listening, and Leadership & the Imposter Syndrome. The list is not exhaustive. 

Other Information:

I currently do two radio shows. Firstly, my radio show called Let's Talk Business on Adventist Radio London (ARL), where I interview leaders and business owners. It is aired every Sunday evening at 18:00 for an hour. Doing the radio show has widened my scope of access to, and training in many organisations. It also keeps my listenership knowledgeable about good business and business practices which include leadership and effective communication to name a few.

The other radio show on L&D Hospital Radio is called Claudia's Currents and Classics, aired every Sunday from 20:00 for an hour. It focuses on current topical issues educating my audience on optimising their well-being.

Call to Action:
Free 30 minuttes consultation. Let's talk
B' Empowered A1.. Empowering the leader in you!



112 Btomyard House
Bromyard Avenue
W3 7BF
United Kingdom
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