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Banana Apps

We are Banana-apps, a digital technology company based in  London & India with a bunch of talented coders, creators and  designers. We create a-peeling apps and websites and offer a  whole bunch of other digital marketing services for startups, small  and medium sized businesses.

Formed in 2012 Banana-apps started initially using hybrid  technology and helped various companies by making mobile apps  handy for their business. However Banana apps developed into  creating enterprise level apps for any business, with multi-tier  apps and CMS using native and microservices. Meaning whatever  you want, we can do it.


ANDROID APP  DEVELOPMENT: We have developed enterprise  and mass market Android apps  for both large & small  organizations alike, using Java  Progrmamming Languages

IOS APP  DEVELOPMENT: We have a team of iOS  developers who are extremely  talented and have mastered  their domain of iOS  development using Swift ,  objective C languages .


We are aware of the  importance of user interface  design and we provide our  client with solid & well thought  user interface design. We  serve a wide range of  industries such as healthcare,  manufacturing, e-commerce &  more!.

WEB APP  DEVELOPMENT : We provides high quality Wed  Development services & can  help you develop anything  according to your needs using  HTML , CSS , Bootstrap , Java  Script , Jqery .



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    23 Nov 2021 Sriram Angajala
    Banana apps is a London based mobile app development company  


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    19 Nov 2021 Sriram Angajala
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