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i2 Global Ltd

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i2 Global Limited has a product portfolio with particular strength and experience in software development, system integration, Mobile Data Collection and continued to grow into new specialist areas including System Support, Bespoke System Development, Modernisation of Legacy Software, and World-Class Document Management Solutions including a new risk management solution.

As part of the continued development and growth of the i2 strategy, risk management and business improvement are at the heart of everything we do.

Partnering with a Risk Professional team, with over 15 years of industry experience, the GotoRisk solution has been developed with the end-user in mind, whilst utilizing systematic and automated products to enhance the user experience and bring efficiency and automation to the process.

As part of the partnership, it has been identified that a large amount of risk is managed via disparate solutions and users, creating a fragmented approach to risk management. Having a modular approach, provides flexibility and removes the need to source additional information from other data sources, and provides a more efficient and timely management process whilst providing transparency to the areas of risk being managed.

GotoRisk has been designed with the knowledge that flexibility, automation and stability are key to managing risk within any environment and operation, whilst enabling an easy to use and managed application.

To embrace this knowledge and capability, we have developed a modular application that can be tailored and delivered to any industry and scale of operation covering the key areas of risk encountered; Learning, Incident, Asset, Compliance and Performance Management.

Having a modular design allows for integration to or from legacy systems or the facility to utilize additional functionality within the singular platform, allowing for seamless automation of risk management.

We allow for these risks to be centrally managed, whilst providing the ability for multiple locations and colleagues to be effectively supported from a singular view. Access provisions have been factored into the development so that the right people and can do the right things at the right time.

For ease of understanding, the module interfaces within GotoRisk have been colour coded to match colour psychology of meaning alignment, so each of the modules are branded in their respective colours.

Each of the GotoRisk applications are available as a singular module or can be combined to increase a centralized risk management facility as each presents and provides details based on the nature of the requirement.

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