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9ROUND | 800+ Locations | 18 Countries. Join Entrepreneur Magazines Top 20 Fastest Growing Franchises.

Build Your Empire with 9ROUND

9ROUND will have opened 10 new locations across the UK in 2019. Join us as we open an additional 20+ locations in 2020!

What is 9ROUND?

9ROUND combines boxing, kickboxing and mixed martial arts in a full-body circuit format that involves nine challenging stations lasting 3 minutes each, with personalised guidance and motivation from a certified trainer the entire time. Founded by Heather and Shannon Hudson, who recognised the need for a breakthrough, high intensity, and convenient workout that anyone can enjoy.

Strength, Results, Convenience.

The 9ROUND workout is designed for all fitness levels, engages every muscle group, and only takes 30 minutes total. The best part? There are no set class times! Members can jump in at any station, any time of day. It`s a fitness and business model offering members and owners the same benefit: RESULTS.

Affordable, Supportive, Growth.

9ROUND is one of the most affordable fitness franchise opportunities with a low cost of entry, low overhead, and straightforward operations. In addition, every owner is provided with a suite of business support including marketing, property, and much more. The corporate team has built a franchise system that works in a variety of markets around the world that continues to change lives and puts franchisees first!

Investing in Fitness.

The fitness industry is booming in the UK and around the world, increasing the demand for innovative and diverse workout options. What makes a brand capable of being successful in the demanding fitness industry and as a franchise opportunity for entrepreneurs? How does an owner find financial success in one of the most competitive industries in the world?

The answer, combine a fitness concept and a franchise system that offer the same thing: results, support, and convenience.

9ROUND excels in all three areas, one of the main reasons we have been giving the fitness world the uppercut! One of the biggest challenges for consumers is finding a workout that they both enjoy and allows them to see tangible results. Entrepreneurs want a business that offers all those opportunities to members but also offers advantages for owners to push forward in the market. 9ROUND has managed to combine all three elements needed to build a successful worldwide brand: a competitive fitness concept, a supportive franchise system, and a top workout style.

A Business That Packs A Punch

• Over 800 locations globally
• 9ROUND locations in 18 countries
• Top 20 Fastest Growing Franchise
• 397% growth in 3 years

Become an owner of a franchise that`s making people stronger and changing the face of fitness!

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