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Skillsprep offer a variety of exciting business courses for entrepreneurs, freelancers and new business owners. These courses will help you to transition from an employed status to being a freelancer, and allow you to become your own boss and follow your dreams. You will go on a voyage of discovery. The courses will take you through the absolute basics of how to set up your new business, covering all the areas that you need to address, but it will go much deeper under the surface than that!

We will help you to develop an awareness of yourself, your specialist market, your business offer and the clarity of your business offer that you can go to your market with. You will gain an appreciation of your ideal client, your niche, as well as your target market, helping you to differentiate yourself, and work out how to offer a solution to your potential clients' problems, making you invaluable to them. We know the key to success is to identify your client avatar (your ideal client), identify their issues, and then provide them with the solution.

We will go on your business development journey with you, helping you every step of the way, helping you to build your confidence, and you will learn about the importance of sales processes, and what those processes need to be. We will give you the tools to launch yourself, your business and your product, how to avoid pitfalls, and how to capitalise on opportunity. We have 20 years of work experience in a successful business to back this all up.

Things have changed from the old ways of doing business. Nowadays you have to be multi-talented and fully aware of the importance of social media to get consistent and appropriate client attraction and interaction. You will learn the importance of not just outward marketing but inbound marketing also. It's vital to keep up-to-date with the ever shifting world of Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram, and we make sure that the course covers all of these important social media platforms, and how you can make effective use of them. It's not just about you approaching clients directly, but also being 'visible' and having a social media presence so that they can find you too.

You will learn about making positive behavioural changes, and adjusting your mindset. You have to let go of the 'old new' and embrace the 'new you'. You will be taught about business planning, your business model and structure. We will boost your confidence, so that you can beat your fears and make more sales. We will help you develop your target market, your niche, and your unique selling point and how to take that transformational leap from employee to boss and enjoy a lifelong freedom.

Currently there are two courses on offer. The Freelancer`s Business Bible, and Advanced Business Skills and Insights for Freelancers. The first is all about setting up your business from the very beginning, so covering your motivation, your `why` as to why you want to be self-employed. Then dealing with the nuts and bolts of company status, location, taxation, and moving through the gears until you have a viable business in place. It`s a six week intensive course for those that are new to business, or those that need a bit more support. It`s also provide to be useful for established business owners that want to update their social media and general sales and marketing knowledge, as well as benefit from tutorials on ConvertKit and Trello.

The courses will be released on a weekly basis so that the student can absorb the content and work through any action plans.

We also have a private Facebook Group, where the hope is that students will share information, ask questions and hang out with other freelancers, business owners, entrepreneurs as they join the course. You will get encouragement, and connections with people from around the world. Incredible people that you might not meet any other way.

The more Advanced course on offer is also a six week course, which is designed to go deeper again into your psyche, making sure you are clear on your transformation, that you have a clarity of message and that you are developing the right mindset for victory. We consider with you the best advertising and marketing strategies and options for your business, and give you more in depth information on Facebook Advertising, for example, as to what works, and what no longer works.

Those using Facebook Ads that want to progress and want to scale up their business, sometimes throw more money at their advertising. We have evidence that it's more beneficial to repeat a successful advertising strategy, rather than increasing the amount spent on that one strategy, if you want to get the best Rate of Return. Facebook is continually changing its algorithms, so it is important to have as much insight as possible if you want to try and get the best out of advertising with them.

At this point, some of the students of the Advanced class may be interested in hiring a person to work with them, or in some cases building a team. We have a full module on HR and recruitment, and how to go about getting the best team members possible, whilst not falling foul of the law, and avoiding pitfalls. Employment law can be a minefield, so this can be a very useful module.

This will be a steep and challenging learning curve, but at the end of it, you get the freedom you have always wanted, able to choose how to live your life. Once established you can pick your own clients, you can work to your own schedule, from any location in the world, or from home, have full creative control on the projects that you work on, negotiate your fee, rather than be limited to what your 'employer' thinks of you. We help you remove the limitations from your life, and be the master/mistress of your destiny.

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