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Let`s end the struggle

Are you losing market share to competitors, concerned about employee engagement or merely surviving rather than growing and thriving?

We`re Awardaroo! We`re different. We here to help you end the struggle between where you are now and the efficient, exceptional business you would love to be. To put your staff, clients and suppliers at the heart of your business which keeps them loyal; the right behaviours are key.

Underpinned with the right values

At Awardaroo! our values are all about:

1) Enlightenment because good business is all about being your authentic best selves
2) Empowerment so you have the right skills and behaviours needed to acquire, engage and retain the clients you love to serve
3) Continuous improvement because you know where sales, service and marketing are disconnected and what you need to fix
4) Accountability so you can see the difference an improvement can bring
5) Fun because there is a brilliant buzz around the work you do

Fixing productivity from the inside out.

At Awardaroo! We do things differently.

The beating heart of our service is BridgeBox, a practical toolkit for discovering and dealing with disconnected sales, marketing and service; the `single moment of truth`, the cause of lost business; the insights about the behaviours you need to change.

Whether it`s a Voice experience by telephone, a Virtual online experience or a Visit, we show you how to continuously improve.

Continuous improvement - the lifeblood of your business.

We bring you

1)Our Service Efficiency Benchmark report. This report diagnoses, over the course of one month, how you compare with other service businesses and what you need to improve.

2)BridgeBox. Our call conversation analysis tool shows you the `single moment of truth`; the cause of lost sales

3) Our tailored coaching programmes. Our flagship coaching programme turn lost enquiries, hidden complaints and poor customer service into award-winning, rewarding best practice, one project at a time.

4) Our project-based approach. We deliver improvements one change and one project at a time. Our clients tell us our innovative project-based approach (honed over 20 years) `puts them on a new performance path` to become exceptional businesses, one behaviour at a time.

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