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Novo-K Ltd

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Novo-K helps you get control of your supply chain.

We call this SMARTprocurement.

Who Are We?
We help businesses focus on selling their own solutions whilst ensuring their supporting supply chain and purchasing requirements are both tactically bullet proof (have kick-ass commercials!) and strategically focused (strong and trustworthy relationships).

You know (and we do too) that buying isn`t just about cost reduction, its about value and relationships. You want partners in your supply chain who understand that you need a reliable, dependable service and when mission critical requires a special effort, they'll rise to the challenge to make sure you win.

Share the value Procurement can bring to the success of an organisation when it is considered a core function in the same way that HR, Finance or Sales is crucial to the success.

Novo-K helps gain clarity and take control of your procurement journey to best practice strategic procurement. You already 'do procurement', you just didn't realise it. The question is: How are you doing with it?

AI And Systems
There is a place for systems and processes but strategic procurement relies on strong relationships for when it matters most. There needs to be a balance. Our approach combines the best of the AI developments with a real person - afterall the human is the ultimate supercomputer!

Cost Reduction Vs. Strategic Procurement
Cost reduction is tactical, can deliver savings and cut costs. Strategic procurement supports the company to meet its strategic goals; whether that's growing revenue, moving locations, supporting more people or downsizing. Focusing purely on cost won`t achieve that.

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