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Reishore Marketing

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Reishore Marketing; We have access to a range of products and services offering : Wearable neurotech products for pain relief, improve mobility, increase power, reduce falling over risk, Help businesses reduce their energy costs, provide services for existing businesses and business start ups. We offer personal development, health & nutrition and work in partnership with, independent professional practitioners.

Affiliated with Brits Holgram Ltd Bringing 3D creative reality to your HYPERVSN Events! it is a holographic visual display service advertising and entertainment using 3D Hypervsn technology. Providing tailor made holographic visual display services for all of advertising & entertainment. 3D Hypervsn technology holograms is the next step up in technological advancement for commercial and or personal use. Helping to bring creativity through technology to you and your business.

We would love to bring your business or event into a new age of graphic simulation to engage and inform your audience, promote your business, boost sales to stand out from competitors. There are so many different applications of this technology, the possibilities are limitless. 3D Hypervsn technology survey carried out has been shown to prove a guaranteed conversion rate of 15-30% in Retail.

We are partnered with Change Life, a company in the community that raises funds for projects in the community for the under privileged to positively change lives and open doors back into mainstream society. www.changelifecic.com

Reishore - Helps you to : Save - Earn - Educate & Reach out to the Community!

Visit us at the Show for more info on various other products and getting involved.

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