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SOLVAA - Discovering Efficiency

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We connect your business and finance tools and help you simplify and improve your processes. We help you save time, reduce costs and stay agile.

Here`s the problem! Your company`s core processes just don`t communicate...and that means you`re wasting precious hours moving data between your various apps and performing repetitive tasks. And as you expand you might be thinking you won`t have the time or personnel to cope.
The solution? Do things smarter with Solvaa! You've moved your accounting processes to the cloud with Xero. But did you know that Xero integrates with hundreds of apps to automate your other essential business processes, such as CRM, project tracking, inventory, payment solutions, point of sale and more? We help you use Xero optimally, choose the right apps for your needs, and simplify and automate your processes by connecting them. This will significantly reduce manual data entry and error, meaning increased productivity, and more time to cost effectively scale your business!
Save time. Reduce costs. Stay agile. Solvaa - Discovering efficiency

We use problem solving and process improvement techniques to establish what parts of current processes can be improved. We take a holistic approach to helping you assess, implement and optimise your other business processes that impact your financial administration processes. We do this by implementing more robust, automated workflows, with Xero accounting software at the core and other seamlessly integrated applications connecting to it. We help SMEs to adopt affordable technology solutions that connect with Xero to increase productivity, with minimum disruption and maximum benefit. We also use tools such as Zapier to create workflow solutions that take proper account of the needs, challenges and constraints of all the role players and allow businesses to remain agile with continuous improvement in mind. We will work alongside you to provide consultancy on the most appropriate solutions, implementation and project management, training and support, and continuous improvement.

The type of projects we work on:
• Workflow and automation improvements within Xero - accounts payable + receivable, bank reconciliation
• Xero add-on app integrations, implementation and training - sales, CRM, email, job + project management, expense + receipts management, inventory, e-commerce, POS, payment solutions, subscriptions, proposals + invoicing
• Financial administration processes review and workflow optimisation recommendations in preparation for dealing high growth of sales
• Custom Zapier workflows to connect business processes

Kelly Goss, founder of Solvaa - Discovering Efficiency, has always had a passion for solving problems. She started her career as a microbiologist in the pharmaceutical and medical device manufacturing industries, leading product quality improvement projects. She then moved into entrepreneurship by co-founding a start-up veterinary clinic. Her `multi-hat` operational role gave her first-hand experience of the productivity struggles businesses can face, and how they can thrive by embracing technology. She is now an independent business process consultant, a Xero Certified Adviser and a Zapier Certified Expert. Kelly describes herself as a `creative problem solver` and a passionate advocate of digital automation and continuous improvement. She helps SMEs analyse their operations, problem solve and implement simplified, automated workflows to improve efficiency in sales, operations and financial administration processes.

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