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Banana Apps

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Banana Apps is technology company to help businesses cope with technological growth in the modern industry.

Our goal is to provide advice to customers on how to use technology in their business and how that will allow them to grow.

We develop a range of applications suitable for any company!

Some of our existing projects include:
- Taxi App: An Uber-like software that allows drivers and customers to find each other and book trips! It includes great features such as wheelchair access, fleet system and 24/7 support.
- MCA: This is a services application that allows customers to find deals around them and grow the local community! It includes things like discounts, nearby events or services!
- Services: A great application that allows you to find handy services near you, using GPS tracking, such as a repair service, cleaning or plumbing.
- Food Delivery: Something like UberEats, enables users to order food from nearby restaurants and gets it delivered at their doorstep!

Apart from these, we also build bespoke applications, see below for more details:
- Mobile applications and web solutions for startups - Firms in any industry
- Data science reports with analysis for your market - Finance and customer driven firm
- Virtual reality apps and solutions - Utility based firms
- Slack bots and chat bots - Customer based companies
- Internal and industrial apps - Large scale production industries

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