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Rise To Health Coaching

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Do you wake up tired and lack energy? Do you experience high levels of stress? Do you live with anxiety or depression and don`t know what to do?

It doesn't have to be this way. Let me show you how to overcome mental and physical health challenges and prevent burnout so you can lead a thriving and healthy life. From Fatigued to Fabulous!

'Taking care of yourself doesn't mean me first, it means ME TOO!'

Hi, my name is Gordana, I am the founder of Rise To Health Coaching. I help successful entrepreneurs and ambitious leading professionals double their energy in 90 days so they can feel more energised, be more productive and enjoy more quality time with loved ones.

Helping my clients create a life they desire is extremely rewarding and that`s why I love what I do. My unconventional and holistic way of working with clients has proven to be effective and is supported by many studies undertaken in the field of lifestyle & functional medicine.

Having myself suffered from physical and mental health challenges like chronic fatigue, overwhelm, exhaustion, anxiety, low energy, sugar cravings, brain fog, insomnia and lack of purpose, led me down the path to physical and mental exhaustion and eventually burnout. However, hitting rock bottom made me uncover my real passion and my life purpose.

After becoming a Certified Nutritional Therapist and Certified Holistic Health and Life Coach, I improved my quality of sleep, recovered from chronic fatigue, learned how to detox body & mind, doubled my energy, and created a healthy work / life balance. As a result, my self-esteem and confidence increased, and self-care is now my priority.

My holistic approach consisting of love, compassion and non-judgement will not only improve your health in general but will help you

- sleep better and wake up rested
- reduce anxiety
- become more productive
- reduce sugar cravings
- get your mojo back
- establish a purpose in life
- create transformation that last
- thrive mentally, physically and emotionally

so that you can live a fulfilled, healthy, and happy life.

I am dedicated to life-long learning and personal development so that I can grow further and inspire my clients to reclaim their health, which is at the heart of my coaching practice. It is for that reason I have embarked on a new journey recently and I'm thrilled to announce that my path leads me to become a functional medicine practitioner so that I can serve my clients on a deeper level.

In combination with effective coaching, practical functional medicine expertise can help clients get to the root causes of their dis-ease so that they find real healing.

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