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Cobenn Business Consultancy Services

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Cobenn Business Consultancy Services
  • Are you having challenges in hiring people for your team?
  • Are you open to leverage on the talent pool from another country?
  • Are you looking to scale smartly and realize significant ££ savings?

I think We Can Help.

Skills/Functions that we can hire:

  1. Customer Support (Tech & Non-Tech, Voice & Non-voice)
  2. Sales (Inside Sales, Sales Development)
  3. IT (Helpdesk, Network/System Administrator, Software Dev, Design)
  4. Data (Data Analyst, Data Scientist)
  5. HR (Generalist, RPO)
  6. Marketing (SEO, Social Media Management, Content Creation, Copywriter)     
  7. Finance (AP, AR, General Accounting, Procurement, Audit)    
  8. Admin (Encoding, Virtual Assistant, Back-office tasks)



1530 Velasquez St.
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