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The Code Registry is the world’s leading platform in code intelligence and analysis, powered by the most advanced AI technology. Designed to meet the needs of both non-technical business leaders and senior IT experts, our innovative platform facilitates the creation of secure, independent replicas of entire code repositories. With a comprehensive suite of tools to assess over 4,000 rules and data points, The Code Registry delivers an unparalleled single dashboard of code analytics covering security evaluations, developmental insights, and a ‘cost-to-replicate’ valuation of software assets. Our mission is to safeguard and optimize the software development lifecycle, providing peace of mind and strategic advantages to businesses across the globe. The Code Registry not only empowers users with critical insights into their code and its dependencies but also streamlines the management of development teams and partnerships. As a trusted authority in code security, software audits, and development strategy, The Code Registry is dedicated to demystifying complex technical challenges, ensuring that companies of all sizes can secure and leverage their software investments with confidence.
The Code Registry.  Know Your Code™ 


Ground Floor, 45 Pall Mall
United Kingdom
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  • The AI Quotient™ or ‘AIQ’ is a pioneering development representing the first time a company has been able to answer the question “How much of my code could be improved by AI?”.
  • While you should easily be able to ask your development team for a summary of changes to the codebase periodically, this is often full of technical jargon or possibly could be selective in the informa ...
  • Are you spending money on your software development every week, month, year? Do you really know what is being changed or updated each month? That’s where The Code Registry’s history analysis dashboard ...
  • Open source software components are like pre-made building blocks for software, widely used for their efficiency. They’re publicly shared code pieces that anyone can use and modify, often integrating ...
  • Code security analysis is a crucial practice for building secure software, and it complements other security measures like penetration testing and dynamic application security testing (DAST). 
  • Code complexity scoring, often referred to as code complexity analysis, is the process of evaluating the complexity of software code in terms of its structure, logic, and readability. 
  • Having a private code repository separate from your development partner or development environments can be important for several reasons, particularly when it comes to managing your intellectual prope ...


  • The Code Registry presents the world's pioneering AI-powered platform designed to provide business leaders with unparalleled code intelligence and analysis.


  • The Code Registry, a leading code intelligence and insights platform, is excited to announce the launch of a ground-breaking new feature: the AI Quotient™ (AIQ). 
  • The synergy between GitHub’s services around code management and The Code Registry’s revolutionizing approach to code analysis, security and Intelligence meant our partnership was a natural fit.
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