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Concat AI

  • | Artificial Intelligence
Concat AI

Organisations need to be data-driven more than ever and getting the most out of your business data needn’t be difficult or expensive.

Most businesses want to significantly increase their bottom line and through the smart use of business metrics, this is definitely achievable. Metrics can provide an exact overview of operational performance, helping to identify areas of strength as well as where further attention is required. As a result, businesses can realise a range of cost and revenue improvements, including greater income and lower expenses, allowing them to maximise profitability with every strategic decision.

Concat AI takes the headache of identifying the right metrics for your business. Using standards-based metrics, Concat’s AI model will select, calculate and present in real-time. Allowing you to track business-defining metrics from your data, without you writing any SQL queries in real-time.


63/66 Hatton Garden
United Kingdom
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