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We empower our clients to make the impossible actually happen. On our website, we say, `Transforming lives, Developing Leaders With a Purpose!`

Freedom Works UK is a CPD Accredited provider

Ken Hettiarachi our founder, has been coaching individuals in Transformation & Purpose for approximately 22 years, but as a paid coach since 2009.

Freedom Works UK was started in January 2012 by Ken with his fellow Director Christopher Hayes.

We coach and mentor clients to enable them to provide leadership in confidence and self-esteem development by producing unprecedented results by getting our clients to make the impossible possible and produce impossible results.

We can coach you to change your career, get your dream job and stay there, start new businesses or make an existing business stronger, deal with difficult situations in life powerfully (redundancy/business failure etc) and get yourself back to health if you are unfit or overweight.

We also have coached people to deal successfully with issues such as anxiety, social anxiety, depression and conditions such as PTSD, ADHD, Autism, Asperger's by producing amazing results in their lives.

5 Key areas of coaching:
1) Public Speaking - We help you to be an effective, confident and thoughtful public speaker in a very short time.

2) Mental Health coaching - We help our clients to deal with anxiety, social anxiety and/or depression by coaching them to be completely free and functioning fully in life, career and/or business.

3) Making the impossible possible - we help our clients to actually achieve what they want but think is impossible.

4) We offer a fantastic coaches training programme for people who are willing to dedicate themselves to train as a life-changing coach to others.

5) And after his own victory of defeating diabetes type 2, Ken offers his - Back to Health Coaching Programme. To help & support individuals to be fit for purpose in life and that to be sustainable. It will be fun, practical and long term sustainable. Check the new meetup here:

Here's a word from Sofi regarding my coaching: A

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