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Templar Executives` market leading Cyber Security services and solutions help businesses both large and small, address their Cyber Security challenge in the modern digital age. Templar Executives is an international award-winning company trusted by government and private sector clients to provide best practice and Cyber resilience that is business enabling.

For major organisations Cyber Security breaches can be highly damaging. However, for micro businesses and SMEs, who are seen as increasingly vulnerable targets, the consequences of a Cyber attack can be devastating. According to a recent government survey, 42% of small businesses experienced a data breach in 2018 yet only 19% train their staff to be Cyber aware.

Templar Executives` world class expertise can help SMEs achieve best practice and Cyber maturity with solutions that are appropriate to their business. This includes: industry leading training and GCHQ certified courses; Cyber Security consulting and independent information auditing; crisis management and incidence response, governance and policy design review, cultural change programmes and innovative technology solutions such as BLADE, for gathering and analysing cyber intelligence.

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