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Crezco is an open banking payment solution for online invoice payments up to £1,000,000. Crezco initiates domestic and international bank-to-bank transfers seamlessly and securely. Funds arrive in seconds, and payments instantly reconcile within popular accounting software.

Collect payments

Crezco automatically adds a payment link to the user's invoices, ensuring businesses are paid on time to the correct bank account. In addition, account-to-account payments are reconciled automatically.

Make payments

Businesses can import their contacts and invoices from their favourite accounting/payroll software to Crezco and pay all their suppliers or employees from a single bank authentication.

International payments

Businesses can collect or make payments in 70+ currencies and 100+ countries securely and efficiently track their payments. No e-wallets, V-IBANs, or foreign currency accounts are required, and transactions are securely processed from one bank account to another. In addition, Crezco provides them with one of the best foreign exchange rates available.

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