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DoWell UX Living Lab

Stand: B2110
  • | Marketing, Branding & PR
DoWell UX Living Lab

Welcome to True moments UX living lab. A project of Dowell research, we innovate from people's minds.

What we do for you, we support you with insights from users daily life to evaluate Sprints of innovation. Your team may be developing a new product or new service or new process; we gather information from users who is intend to use your services and products. Then involve them in the stages of innovation and collect their insights to support your innovation journey.

Our team renders online and offline research services in all phases of the product development cycle in a transparent way.

We have global presence and our team spread over Asia, Africa, Europe and US and we do research in urban and rural area of each country. 

DoWell registered its companies in the UK (Dowell Research UK Ltd), Singapore (DoWell Research Pte Ltd), Germany (DoWell Research GmbH), Australia (DoWell Research Pty Ltd) and India (D'Well Informatics and Services Pvt Ltd). Also have offices in Chicago, USA and Brisbane Australia.

We started our journey in 1995 as a startup and established in management consulting and user experience research. We are a highly-rated UX research partner for Google, Spotify and many more global brands. Our field research team operates from 125 locations globally. 

DoWell assures reliable information, local knowledge about the market, responsiveness and empathy to clients through its highly motivated team of employees and freelancers across the globe.

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120 Baker Street, London, UK
120 Baker Street, London, UK
3rd floor
United Kingdom
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  • DoWell World Price indicator is calculating based on Purchasing Power Parity calculation. Use any currency in any country as base then calculate for any country and any currency as target
  • Do UX Research with DoWell UX LIving Lab
  • We will monitor Brand Awareness, Customer Loyalty, Customer Journey and Net Promotor Score of your brand continuously.
  • Are you tired of using expensive software to crawl websites? Don’t worry; we’ve got you covered with our very own DoWell Website Crawler.
  • UX Living Lab belongs to DoWell Research; a global User Experience research team.
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  • DoWell UX Living Lab

    23 Sep 2023 UX Living Lab
    DoWell Research executes qualitative and quantitative research with users using prototype testing, interviewing, ethnographic studies, group discussions and user experience studies.
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