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Keyajee Ayurvedic Clinic

  • | Employee Wellbeing
Keyajee Ayurvedic Clinic

Welcome to Keyajee, where we specialize in supporting women through life's transitions, be it natural milestones like menarche, motherhood, and menopause, or adapting to new situations like relocation or starting a new career. Our focus is on the crucial role of digestion, not just for food but also for processing thoughts and emotions during these changes.

Led by Vaidya Seema with over 25 years of experience in women's health, our London clinic offers holistic treatments rooted in Ayurveda to busy business women. From pre-conception advice to pregnancy care and postpartum recovery, we're here to guide you through your entire journey to motherhood.

Discover the balance and well-being that Ayurveda and holistic health can bring to your busy life at Keyajee, where simplicity meets expertise for women in every phase of change.


2, Harley Street
United Kingdom
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