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Probably the best authentic leadership development in the world.

Raising leadership performance by 0.1% can increase productivity by 10%.

On the average 10-person workplace bike, only 3 engaged people are cycling heartily, 5 unengaged people are freewheeling and 2 disengaged people are applying the brakes and trying to nudge the bike off course! Better hope one of them is not on the front!!

By the end of the week, even the 3 people cycling heartily are becoming less productive and demoralised.

Employee engagement coupled with a systemic approach to improvement is key to empowering your workforce in driving leadership and action. An empowered and aligned workforce drives high performance and increased productivity.

How else can you so easily increase productivity and get such ROI?

Our business is to achieve the previously unthinkable - raise your leadership performance and get everyone cycling heartily together on your workplace productivity bike!

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