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Can you handle more customers?

Most businesses have spare capacity that is wasted each day …..This comes in the form of empty appointment slots, under worked staff, slow moving stock, idle machinery or empty hotel rooms / restaurant tables.

Imagine if you could fill up all of this downtime with extra customers and increase your revenue to the maximum achievable for your current infrastructure. This would create more profits, a competitive edge, more referrals and improved cashflow.

Becoming a supplier to the BBX Community

BBX is a business facility adopted by a global community of businesses spanning 14countries who actively use each other as preferred suppliers to fill up each other’s spare capacity.

All businesses in the community accept the BBX payment facility which incorporates the following features:

  • An interest free line of credit up to £100,000
  • Guaranteed additional sales to cover the purchases made in the community
  • International trading opportunities
  • Global network of pro-active branches giving a high level of customer service and facilitating the trading between customers
  • Regular networking meetings and social events
  • A competitive edge for all customers along with a raft of business and staff benefits saving you thousands of pounds

How can I be a part of the community?

BBX is constantly seeking good quality businesses that can supply our existing customers and be part of our growing global community. Visit us on stand B1340 , call us now on 03334002014 or go to

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