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Apex Algorithms

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A Sports Betting fund, 6 years trading & tax-free returns.

Apex Algorithms employs a complex algorithm that has been developed over the last 8 years to predict the outcome of sporting events. We then take advantage of the mispricing on the sports markets to mark profits for our investors.

The algorithms will take into account the teams, as well as a range of other factors including weather, historical results, time of year amongst others. We will then predict the probability of a result and the correct odds. We then search the markets to determine if we can get better odds (or an edge) before another algorithm decides on the size of bet to make.

We have been running for 8 years, the first two years were with the founders' money but in 2013 a limited company was formed to take investors money as well. We now have a fund of over £1.7M and 150 active investors. Our returns to our clients for the last 5 years have averaged over 30% per annum year on year and all of our returns are tax-free.

You do not make any of the bets you merely deposit your money and then each week you get a report on how the investment has done during that week and how your investment has grown (or on occasion shrunk).

To be clear this is sports betting or gambling and as such there are significant risks, we are not regulated by the FCA who describe what we do as an Unregulated Collective Investment Scheme and it is only suitable for people who are classed as High Net Worth, or sophisticated investors

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Masterclass With Google Digital Garage

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