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Josiah's Lounge Ltd

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Josiah’s Lounge is an exciting new coffee shop coming to south London very shortly. At the heart of our organisation, we are a Social Enterprise, where business decisions are based upon social impact. As such, our lounges will offer comfort in a peaceful atmosphere where our customers can enjoy ethically sourced coffee with an array of local produce from around our surrounding stores and neighbouring boroughs.
Our vision is to open a series of lounges across London and eventually overseas, looking for ways to reach out to the public with a helping hand. We will offer an in-house Drama troupe for young people in the community who have a passion for the Arts. Through exploration of a range of themes, they will be trained and equipped to perform in our Lounges to show case their talent on our themed nights to a bigger crowd.
Because of our passion for supporting the Homeless and the Elderly, we will establish a range of initiatives locally that will help to improve their lives. The Robes project for the homeless, is one such initiative and ‘dress themed’ days for the elderly on a weekly basis is another, so that community members can fellowship with each other in our family friendly lounge environment. Because of our faith-based background, we will also offer a space for Biblical studies so that people can be strengthened in lives and encouraged to go forward in Love, Joy and Peace. We invite all Coffee drinkers to taste and see what we offer over a cup of coffee.


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