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HARMONYU LIMITED - Holistic Clinic

Stand: YBC59
  • | Consultancy
  • | Training and Coaching
HARMONYU LIMITED - Holistic Clinic

HARMONYU HMU holistic health intelligence group covers Holistic Health Clinic and Zen Training Centre

Our vision: 

  • To boost Holistic well-beings with Health Intelligence;

  • To develop human Superconsciousness and their Life Purpose with Wisdom

  • To solve Environmental Issues with Life Science

​​" Live OUR Viable Earth" (L.O.V.E) -- by HARMONYU

​By adopting a holistic approach to improve human wellness in physical, emotional, mental, spiritual and spatial levels, we provide solution for complementary and alternative therapy.

Holistic Health Screening  - to detect, assess and predict any wellbeing signal for health management.

Energy Therapy - to rebalance and raise energy dimensions of our client's bodies to achieve holistic wellbeing.

​Energy Medicine - to boost energy levels of bodies and environment with energy frequency spectrum.

​Training  - to develop superconscious mind with wisdom.​

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4th Floor
2 Harley Street
United Kingdom
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