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Is stress affecting your business? Is productivity low, is sick leave and employee turnover high? Making your workplace well is key to a thriving business because happy people make a happy business - and happy customers.

Helping your employees understand their unique stress footprint is key to managing their stress levels. Looking at how the stress response system works, what their triggers are, strategies that help them stay well, how to prevent burnout during times of high stress... these are all part of our unique stress management workshops and talks.

Based on the latest neuroscience findings into how the brain works together with real-life examples and case studies from over 20 years in a corporate role, our aim is to enable you and your employees to manage their own stress and to support each other.

Because putting your employees at the heart of your workplace makes good business sense.

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Masterclass With Google Digital Garage

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Barclaycard Small Business Masterclass

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