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Horizon Software Solutions Ltd

With a track record of more than 20 years, Horizon Software Solutions helps organisations to launch new products, services and businesses quickly and safely.

Horizon's Franchise Management software, Booking Autopilot, is a single, unified B2B2C platform designed specifically for the franchise business and its customers. It helps franchisors and master franchisees effectively control, manage, communicate, train, inform and support their franchisees, ensuring compliance with corporate branding, policies and procedures.

It also allows all members of the Franchise network to communicate and sell products and services to their Consumers.

The platform incorporates a Consumer portal where clients register, book services and pay for the products through their local Franchisees. All data and transactions are aggregated vertically up to the top Franchise level. Booking Autopilot is a cost effective unified platform that serves the whole network and their customers with a secure role based user access.

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