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Smart Recruit Online Limited

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Smart Recruit Online (SRO) provides a talent attraction and recruitment management platform that will revolutionise your recruitment process.

Our mission is to make the recruitment of staff easier for all recruiters and HR Teams, by developing the most efficient and effective self-serve, talent attraction and recruitment campaign management system, delivered via a simple and easy to use UI.

SRO is a digital recruitment platform, integrated with a range of best in class recruitment tools and services. The platform provides talent attraction, campaign management, and candidate screening services.

It provides both SME and major corporations with a cost-effective, dynamic multi-channel advertising and campaign management system that provides maximum exposure of a vacancy across all online recruitment channels, to both passive and active candidate pools.

SRO offers complete administration flexibility to the user and easy to use functionality that makes managing the campaign results simple and highly effective, saving time and money. It allows for a wide degree of self-configuration and for bespoke customisation, so that tools and services are adaptable to the diverse needs and processes of our clients. Meaning that tangible improvements can be delivered in key areas of performance.

The aggregation of best in class recruitment services into one single platform, that benefits the user through cost reduction, time savings and genuine improvements in the quality of candidates, is the ultimate proposition of the SRO service.

1. Applies the rules of human computation: Blending the best that technology can offer along with expert human process and engagement.
2. A unique innovation in response to changing client behaviours, resolving the problems/challenges created by market fragmentation since 2009, across the recruitment landscape.
3. An evolution of existing online services, providing improved results and practical improvements that make recruiting online easier and more effective.
4. Applies economies of scale to offer exceptional value for money and offers accessibility to the best in class tools for all users.
5. Smart and outstanding design, providing an easy to use service that is not over engineered and is accessible anywhere in the world with internet access.
6. Provides risk mitigation to the recruiter who wants to ensure max exposure across all recruiting channels, and minimise the risk of making a bad hire through better due diligence during the selection process.
7. Our dynamic API layer allows best of class solutions from 1 platform and all results presented in 1 dashboard.
8. Advanced Parsing technology used to accurately grade applicants and fully automate the population of data from a CV.
9. Use as a complete end to end recruitment service or can be integrated as a plugin via API to other systems.
10. A completely scalable and customisable platform that can be quickly and easily adapted to accommodate bespoke operational processes.

Key objectives of SRO delivery

Smart Recruit Online aims to provide solutions to the biggest recruitment challenges facing businesses today.

Human Computation
The system is designed to help recruiters maximize efficiencies and optimize their efforts through a blend of the latest technology, delivered in a simple, easy to use format and complemented with expert human intervention, based on proven processes and best practice.

Keeping recruitment costs to a minimum
SRO aims to ensure that users never pay more than they have to, so that more hires can be completed without using costly 3rd party suppliers. It also reduces the amount of time required to manage the process and minimizes the costly risk of making a bad hire. Evidence acquired to date suggests average savings are in excess of 50% of what users were previously paying for their recruitment activities, but savings in excess of £500k are being acknowledged by some client users.

Improving the quality and quantity of direct applications
Providing users with the widest network of job boards and advertising channels anywhere in the UK. We are able to dramatically increase the exposure of a vacancy, along with well written and structured advertising copy, subsequently, we are able to increase the volume of quality applicants. Our smart technology ensures that we capture the details of every applicant, so unlike other online services, there is no drop out during the application process.

Removing time out of the recruitment process
Providing our users with an intuitive system that helps to avoid duplication of efforts and removes much of the time required to administer the campaigns. Integrated tools are easy to use and all information is accessible from the main dashboard.

Minimizing the risk of making a poor hire
By generating quality applications to choose from and combining this with the best in class validation and screening tools, the appropriate due diligence can be executed quickly and easily, thus allowing the user to make better hiring decisions.

Centralizing online recruitment services to a single easy to use dashboard
We provide a flexible scalable system that has been integrated with a range of services and can be further customised to integrate with ATS and CRM systems. Meaning that users can manage all recruitment activity quickly and easily from a single dashboard.

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