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Dimmersions is a company based in Madeira Island Portugal that creates WEB-based AR/VR/XR experiences, products and solutions for all kinds of brands, businesses and organizations. We believe that immersive experiences can not only enhance businesses promoting sales as well as providing organizations and event organizers everywhere with unforgetful experiences that can last a lifetime.

Along with providing your business with custom experiences products and apps all powered by the world wide web we have also developed our own first 3 products that we`ll be showcasing during the event.

1 - TAKEOVAR© FRAME - A normal picture frame with an AR twist that allows all your clients to upload images or small-videos to it thus creating an invisible display powered by your customers` content and all of it completely under your supervision and control.

2 - RESTAURANTAR© - What if your restaurant`s customers could actually see a three dimensional rendition of your best Dish while still going through the menu when they are first seated at their table? Well, now they can! With RESTAURANTAR© anyone with a smartphone can see any dish or recipe you wish to make available as if it was on top of the table right in front of them, free for them to explore and observe as they wish because you also eat with your eyes.

3 - TBYFLY© - What if you could see a far away monument before you travelled there or what if you could choose your next vacations by travelling to any location in the blink of an eye? With TBYFAR you now can! Making use of the latest technology in VR you can easily choose your destination and travel to it getting immersed in it as if you were actually there through the power of 3D 360 Videos and Volumetric Capture. It`s the closest you`ll get to experiencing teleportation during the XXI century!

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