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  • | Artificial Intelligence

AI engines are a force for good.

AI engines help people do a better job. They remove friction, reduce toil (those boring, repetitive jobs), and create instant knowledge. And they can be up and running in days.

Nobody goes to work to do a bad job. Everybody wants to do a good job, enjoy what they do, get a sense of fulfilment, and take pride in their work. But problems get in the way and make that hard. Data, documents and up-to-date information are hard to find. When you find it, there’s way too much to read, analyse and understand. And then there’s lots of routine, low value-add, but necessary tasks like writing reports and emails. All those take time, energy and enthusiasm away from the creative, interesting and exciting things you want to be doing. The things that got you excited about the job in the first place. Engines can remove that friction, reduce that toil, and create the instant knowledge you need to do a great job.

Our Products

Engines use Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG) AI to give you instant knowledge. Trained on your documentation, they quickly summarise huge amounts of data into easily understandable and useful information. Based on ChatGPT and stored in Azure, they also keep your data safe and secure. They remove friction, reduce tedious, repetitive work, saving time and helping you do a better job.


Win more business. Respond to more bids faster, and win more business by getting intelligent, instant, well-worded responses to proposal questions based on your case studies, sales material, and previous winning bids. Get a first draft in minutes, then tailor the responses for that individual customer


Engage your customers. Transform your website user experience. Give your customers instant access to the information they want by putting your company information into web.engine. That means you don’t have to worry about creating bland, generic text that excites no one. It’s the future of websites.


Create instant knowledge. Load up your information, ask it questions, get answers, shut it down. Analyse reports, summarise documents, pick out key themes. When you’re done, the engine is ‘wiped’ ready for the next person. Great for getting quick answers from lots of data.


Make better decisions faster. Interrogate confidential corporate information (e.g. Board papers, financial reports, etc.) quickly and easily by keeping that data in a secure engine that only authorised personnel can access. This enables you to constantly learn from and build on your corporate knowledge and experience.


Chat with your data. Who are our top 5 most profitable customers? Who are the least profitable? Get instant answers to ‘easy to ask but hard to answer’ questions. With good, structured data, you can quickly unlock insights that will make and save you a fortune.


Policy compliance across your organisation. Give your employees instant access to any HR, Finance, Health & Safety etc. information in up to 50 languages. Ensure compliance, reduce employee frustration, and release HR time and effort to do the important things.


Put AI into all your systems. Access the valuable information locked in your legacy systems. With an API you can interrogate that data with natural language queries. That enables anyone with the right permissions to have accurate, up-to-date, instant information. How powerful would that be for you?


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