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Lightbulb Credit

Lightbulb Credit is the UK's only whole market credit rating review, repair, and monitoring service for businesses. We can help companies improve their credit ratings in as little as 2 days, enabling them to increase working capital and get better trade terms and improved funding rates.

Poor credit ratings can have a negative impact on borrowing, working capital, tendering and supplier terms, which is why it’s vital for companies to have an awareness and understanding of their own credit profile.

Our FREE credit review report shows businesses their current position with all the main UK credit rating agencies and helps to identify the actions needed to improve their ratings. We then work directly with the rating agencies to get scores re-evaluated in just a few days.

We also offer a monthly credit monitoring service for those businesses that may be more sensitive to a change in ratings or that want to stay one step ahead of any changes in their profile to support their growth plans.

Business credit repair can be applied across all industries and can help any size company from small business, through to SME and Plc. It’s already made a positive difference to hundreds of UK companies and could give your business a much-needed financial boost too.

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