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Make Your Life Count

Make Your Life Count

Marcus Matthews Founder of Make Your Life Count - Clinical Hypnotherapist and Life Transformation Coach

Discover the Extraordinary with Marcus, the catalyst for remarkable change.

In a world filled with conventional paths, Marcus stands out. No middle-class upbringing.

No high-level degree.
No time working in corporate.
Marcus is as real as it gets.

What sets Marcus apart is his unwavering dedication to empowering professional men and women to go from suck to success. He dives deep into the essence of why they feel the way they do, so they can reclaim control over their lives.

Utilising a unique blend of hypnotherapy, coaching, and therapy methodologies, Marcus unlocks the hidden potential within his clients. He guides them to experience emotions they've never felt before, combining the power of neuroplasticity with the principles of the Law of Attraction.

Science and spirituality intertwine seamlessly in Marcus's approach. He believes that spirituality is merely the physics of finding your purpose and meaning.

By merging the realms of conventional therapy and coaching with the inner guidance of spirituality, Marcus redefines what therapy and coaching should feel like to manifest long lasting change, which ultimatley leads to feeling happier and more fulfilled in life.

But why does Marcus do what he does?

He knows the darkness firsthand. As a serving police officer, Marcus found himself in a desolate valley, silenced and unsupported. On the precipice of suicide, he realised that he could forge a different path. Marcus emerged from the depths and vowed to prevent others from suffering as he had.

Now, his mission is to redefine the very essence of therapy and coaching, turning mental health into mental fitness, providing the solution to long term achievable wellbeing, turning resiliance into antifragility, helping people walk the world with an inner knowing that goes way beyond what society says is possible. 

The journey to his calling wasn't ordinary either. From serving his country in the British Army to a decade as a police officer, Marcus's experiences shaped his understanding of leadership and human connection. Beyond his role as a trainer, coach, and mentor, Marcus discovered his true purpose through hypnotherapy and transformational coaching. His clients, include celebrities, leaders, CEOs, and everyday individuals, who rave about the seemingly impossible experiences Marcus facilitates.

If you seek a transformative journey led by a compassionate yet challenging guide, Marcus is the man for you. He'll walk by your side, lead from the front, and gently nudge you past your fears.

Marcus believes in everyone's right to a fulfilled and happy life. He knows that breaking free from destructive self-narratives holds the key to profound transformation. It all begins with a conversation.

Mastering his craft under the guidance of some of the worlds most renowned coaches and therapists, Marcus is now an influential figure in therapeutic transformation coaching. As the founder and owner of Make Your Life Count, he builds a formidable platform for change.

Marcus's expertise extends beyond his practice. He's a trainer with the Marisa Peer Rapid Transformational Therapy school, a coach for Evercoach by Mindvalley. He shares his wisdom through his podcast, Talking Minds, and his impactful words as an author and speaker.

Recognised for his unwavering commitment to revolutionising mental health, Marcus has earned prestigious awards, including the Corporate Live Wire Anxiety Therapist of the Year (Shropshire) 2020/21 and the Midlands Enterprise Awards Best Emerging Anxiety & PTSD Therapist - West Midlands 2021. His creativity and sustainability in mental health projects also garnered recognition at the CREA Global Awards 2021/22.

Media outlets have taken notice of Marcus's exceptional work. His collaboration with 90s pop star Kerry Katona resulted in outstanding results and gained media attention. Marcus's reputation for unleashing the answers within has spread far and wide.

Unlock the vault within yourself with Marcus, the conduit to extraordinary transformation.



Centre For Integral Health
1, Hartley Business Centre,
Office, Unit 8 Monkmoor Road
United Kingdom
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  • Blending therapy and coaching into one co-hesive approach Life Transformational Coach gets people to heal the past, feel good about the present and build a future which contains better days
  • Clinical Hypnotherapy

    19 Nov 2023
    Helping Clients find the root cause to why they feel the way they do so they can feel empowered to change their life.
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