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Margo Manning - Leading from the back

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Margo Manning - Leading from the back

Ultimately, my role and purpose are to develop leaders and managers to end toxic, chaotic and harmful management. To empower and enable managers and leaders to work better with their team in creating VALUE for the team, the organisation and themselves.  

Through launching ‘Leading from the back’ a new mind-set and behavioural concept, challenging outdated concepts and styles and in turn empowers and enables leaders and managers to focus on the three key areas of responsibility: Social (people), Environment (planet) and Economics (profit).   

It became apparent that my passion and purpose was to develop and support managers and leaders.  This led to the design and delivery of outstanding in-person, online, e-Learning programs, keynote speaking engagements and books.  

Being part of the corporate world in one shape or another for the best part of my career and I love it. Working within various disciplines; leadership and management trainer, coach, accounts manager, IT, IT Trainer, project manager, PA. And within various industries; pensions (Actuaries can be fun!), construction, investment banking, retail, education and more.

The greatest influence within my roles were my managers. I learned quickly that my sense of wellbeing both in work and outside was heavily determined by my manager.   The great managers allowed me to soar, develop and progress, whilst, working with the awful managers, I shrivelled.  My confidence became non-existent, my work life balance was skewered very much in favour of work.  I felt the constant need to check everything multiple times; I felt inadequate and had a constant knot of anxiety in the pit of my stomach. On the times I had awful managers, I stayed longer than I should have, I was truly miserable and not confident that I was good enough for another role.  Clearly, I was.  I’ve worked within several management and leadership roles, applying what I learned from my past managers on what to do and not to do.  I didn’t always get it right and that was a big learning curve for me.   I knew what I wanted to do; I just didn’t know how.   

In 2005, The Bute Group launched, this was all about in-person leadership and management group development and 1:1 coaching.

2016, my first international bestseller was published, followed by the second in 2020.

2023, I merged The Bute Group under the Margo Manning umbrella (to simplify businesses and for my own sanity) and launched the ‘Leading from the back’ challenge at  

These outstanding services are designed and delivered for businesses and individuals. ​


Bute House
16 Hillfield Close
United Kingdom
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