The Business Jet Engine®

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The Business Jet Engine®

Improve your business, year on year, applying a simple model.

Designed for business owners like you, your business can grow, be profitable, be enjoyable - and less time-consuming, overwhelming and stressful.

The Business Jet Engine® enables you to:

  • See your business as a system
  • Score where you're weak or strong
  • Identify key areas to improve 
  • Create simple but effective plans - that get done!

Tried and tested over 10 years with 100s of businesses from:

  • Start-ups to Mature 
  • Micro to 250+ SMEs 

And all levels of business acumen:

  • Novice to Expert

The Business Jet Engine® also allows you to engage your team in the planning process, creating engagement, ownership and alignment.



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  • Visit us at the Show to get discounted access to The Business Jet Engine Online. The Jet Engine model is designed for business owners who want to grow their businesses like an expert!    
  • To improve any business, you first have to know the most urgent areas to solve. In less than 15 minutes, The Business Jet Engine free diagnostic toolkit will help you do just that!      
  • Visit us to get your book at a very special Show Discount. Many business owners are experts in their field - but not necessarily experts in business. This book will show you the simplest method to pla ...
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