Move for Wellness

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Move for Wellness

Move For Wellness grew out of The 365 Challenge, which was primarily a campaign usining exercise to raise awareness of the effects of trauma and is generally known under the umbrella term PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) 

Due to the effects of Covid 1lockdowns we recognised that for some people just moving around their home is an acheivement. For others they are often locked in to a toxic relationship with partners, family and food.

The Move For Wellness is changing this.our Facebook group and website contains posts from amazing and positive people who are helping move away from toxicity to Positivlty. It recognises that people are exposed to negative messages everyday these range from impossible to acheive lifestyles to working with negative people, that destroy a persons self-worth and leaving them a shell of the person they should be.

The Move For Wellness 21 is a virtual 2728 mile virtual walk, run & spin around the UK which started on 21 February and will end on 21 December, every mile that David covers he will be wearing a Blue Tutu, the aim is to raise £365,000.00.

The money raised will be used to open a series of walk-in centres, where people will be able to find a safe place to have a coffee and a chat with trained counselors or just meet a friendly face. The first centre is planned to be opened in Blackpool

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  • Move for Wellness

    07 Jun 2021
    The Move For Wellness encourages people t6o take up exercise even if it is walking around a room for 2.21 minutes, or going to the gym. Whatever you want to do why not chose to wear one of our brillia ...
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