Move for Wellness

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Move for Wellness

The aims of The Move For Wellness are:twofld

1) To get people to start enjoying a healthier lifestyle by eating less UHP foods, take regular exercise, laugh and enjoy nature.

2) To raise £365,000.00 The money raised will be used for two distinct projects.

1) To support Talking Cafes who are active in the fllowing areas Mental Health, Bereavement, LGBQT+ & Drug Rehabilitation

2) Open free to use city centre Oasis of Calm where anyone can enter and find a place of peace and serenity away from the hustle and bustle of every day life. We will provide sensory rooms where they can sit and enjoy the sounds of nature and laughter. The only price to pay will be they will be expected to leave their electronic devises TURNED OFF.  

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  • Move for Wellness

    07 Jun 2021
    The Move For Wellness encourages people t6o take up exercise even if it is walking around a room for 2.21 minutes, or going to the gym. Whatever you want to do why not chose to wear one of our brillia ...
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