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Customer Loyalty Solutions / ALVINI Ltd

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Money back with every purchase!

The Customer Loyalty Solutions products are your gateway to a global shopping community with millions of Members, that offer benefits to both the shoppers and yourself as a Loyalty Merchant. The Members benefit from Cashback and Shopping Points for every purchase made at your store. The accumulated Shopping Points can then be redeemed for offers in the form of Shopping Point Deals.

As a Loyalty Merchant, you will be extensively marketed, receive new customers and will be increasingly sought after by Members, as they enjoy shopping benefits when shopping at your store.

Customer Loyalty Solutions products are the ideal tool for
- Increased sales
- Gaining new customers
- Retaining loyal customers
- Target-oriented approach
- Informative evaluation of your company's statistics
- Increased customer satisfaction
- Generating additional income through third-party sales

If you're interested in learning how to increase your sales or explore the business opportunities provided by Cashback Solutions, we are happy to help you with more information at our Stand 1014

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