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HAPPY IN LIFE offers Coaching for Accelerated Personal Development, Emotional Intelligence and Life Transformation.

Olimpia works with professionals and business owners who struggle to make major changes as fast as they want, in business or in their home life.

​​She helps high-achievers who feel trapped, continuously tired, burnt-out or stressed, overworked and overwhelmed, to become alive and active, rediscover their deep connection with their family and friends, finding joy and stability.

Olimpia is a believer that we can "have it all", not by sacrificing our health and priorities, but rather by becoming self-aware of our potential, passion and strengths.

With a successful career in Payments Industry, a Master Degree in Engineering, an ​Executive Certificate in Global Management, and now being an entrepreneur growing her own business, she has a unique experience that delivers concrete results in her coaching.

Olimpia is also a Certified Master Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), ​Time Line Therapy® and Creating Your Future, HST Therapy, Hypnotherapy ​​and Hypnosis, ​and NLP Coaching.

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