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Naked Truth Diamonds

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Naked Truth Diamonds helps stressed professionals create a balanced life

Juliyah Brown

Is qualified in: Coaching, Transitional Transformation Training, Teaching, Management and Team leading. Juliyah is an holistic Mentor, professional motivational and inspirational public speaker, with over 20 years experience in the public, private and voluntary sector.

Juliyah, is educated to Master's level with a Distinction. Juliyah has set up social enterprise hubs, for micro businesses, created and delivered professional educational training, learning & development modules, courses and workshops.

Juliyah, is the Author of "Crushed to Sparkle" How to build yourself positively from a broken relationships (e.g family, business associates, friends, work colleagues, partner, organisations, institutions and others)with foreword by Vishal Morjaria Award Winning Author

Sarah Lambert Mathieson

Is a qualified Coach, Transitional Transformation Emotional , Mindset Mentor, professional motivational and inspirational public speaker.The CEO of StandAndBreakFree Ltd, supporting men and women that have gone through a divorcee or a separation.

With over 30 years of Experience in Emotional supporting community work, providing professional educational training in self development, learning and development modules and courses.

So what is Naked Truth Diamonds? (NTD)

Naked Truth Diamonds (NTD) is a joint business partnership co-founders by Juliyah Brown and Sarah Lambert Mathieson, together we have over 50 years professional experience in the private, public and voluntary sectors, our mission is to help YOU! How? by being truthful to yourself to take action in your life.

We help you create the life you desire and deserve by offering tools and practical activities to shift your gears or mindset in alignment with your goals, we use a variety of tools as well as offering: 121 coaching, group workshops and on site business delivery to empower you and your staff to increase their performance levels and to maintain and sustain working at that new level, whilst you business grows from strength to strength.

What we are about

We work support and facilitate the needs of high pressured City workers who are looking to de-stress, find balance in their life, out of their stressful working conditions.

What is in it for you?

We are offering YOU a safe space to create the life your desire and face the challenges which are holding you back from being the best version of yourself. We hold discussions, invite guest speakers, offer networking and collaborative synergistic positive business, personal and professional relationships.

We help you to create your: blueprint, intentions, visions and action plans and we offer tools to: overcome procrastination, limiting beliefs, to STAY MOTIVATED, be more empowered, be resilient to inspire and aspire!

Who is it for?

Well if you answer YES to any of these questions below, we can help YOU!

Do you have a demanding role?
Are the demands of your role negatively impacting your health?
Are you suffering from stress?
Are you suffering from lack of sleep?
Are you suffering from lack of concentration?
Is you work taking control over life?
Are you suffering from anxiety, depression, or mental health challenges
Due to stress, is your health and well being, now being compromised?

Next step, to book our services please visit: Website under construction

We would like you to know that: "YOU are AMAZING"

Thank you.

Juliyah Brown| Sarah Lambert Mathieson

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